Sunrooms, patio covers and screen rooms are popular additions to homes.  Some homeowners choose to add these additions on top of existing decks.  This is a popular approach but there are some things to keep in mind before hiring a contractor to start this.  The homeowner must consider the decks ability to handle the new addition.  Even if the deck has been recently permitted and constructed chances are it was not designed to handle a new addition on it.  The piers and other structural components were not designed to handle the extra loads added by the addition.  The new loads can vary greatly depending on what the addition is.  For example, a studio room has completely different loads acting on the deck than a gable room does.  The same holds true for studio covers and gable covers as well as screen rooms.  Wind shear loads come into play with all of these structures as well as additional loads on the piers and other structural members.  If a homeowner is considering adding an addition to a deck or a ground level addition the consultation of an engineer for advice, calculations and signed sealed engineering drawings is advisable and required by many municipalities.  Broughton Engineering can help with the design, calculations and signed sealed engineered drawings for additions on decks as well as other additions or renovations to your house.

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